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Since we began making furniture nearly 20 years ago, we have focused on the use of Australian timbers. We have such a vast range of species available here that vary in colour from pale blond to deep dark brown.


We do not use any stains, we finish all our pieces in a natural oil and wax finish that enhances the grain pattern and natural colour of the timber.


Where possible we use recycled timbers. We only source new timbers from sustainably harvested sources. By using Australian timbers rather than imported timbers for furniture we give life to our natural forestry resource rather than using our trees for wood chips (toilet paper). Imported timbers may be easier to work with but we are committed to enjoying the challenges that native timbers present us with.


Here is a list of the timbers we use frequently - other timbers available by request.








Eucalyptus Obliqua - common name: Messmate Stringy Bark.  A large hardwood of common occurrence in Tasmania & Victoria and also in the tableland districts of New South Wales and southern Queensland.  Heartwood colour pale brown. Texture moderately course but even. Gum veins common. If we use recycled building material from Victoria, the piece will have filled nail holes as well as feature gum veins.




Eucalyptus fastigata - A large hardwood of the north east corner of Victoria and south coast NSW. Heartwood colour palebrown. Texture medium and even. Grain often interlocked. Gum veins common. Verry similar inappearance to Messmate


Yellow Stringybark


Eucalyptus muellerana - A medium to large hardwood of the tabs land areas of NSW. Heartwood yellowish brown sometimes with a pink tinge. Even Grain. Not too much feature.


Bird’s Eye Messmate


Bird’s eye is not technically a distinct species of Messmate, it is the name given to the figure founding the timber. It is given the name “Birds eye” as the figure resembles bird’s eyes. The figure is caused by unfavourable growing conditions for the tree. Most usually in Australia this from a bushfire. When the tree sprouts numerous shoots for regeneration and recovery and then are later aborted the result is the numerous tiny knots seen in the timber.


Alpine Ash | Silvertop Ash | Mountain Ash


Eucalyptus delegatensis - Common Name: Tasmanian Oak.  Large Hardwoods of the cold climate areas of Tasmania, eastern Victoria and south-eastern NSW.  Heartwood pale blond colour, grain usually straight.




Eucalyptus marginata - A large hardwood of the south-west corner of Western Australia. Heartwood colour dark red. Texture even. Grain slightly interlocked sometimes causing fiddle back.  We only source sustainably harvested Jarrah.


Red Gum


Eucalyptus tereticornis - A large hardwood of of the coastal districts from Victoria to north Queensland. Heart wood coloured. Grain often interlocked, often with ripple or fiddle back figure although this is more usually attributed to River Red Gum.


Spotted Gum


Eucalyptus maculata - A large hardwood commonly occurring from the far south coast of NSW up to the Maryborough district in Queensland. Heartwood colour pale to dark brown. It is a dense, strong and durable timber. Frequent presence of wavy grain and fiddle back figure.


Brush Box


Tristania conferta - A large heart wood which grows on the edge of rain forests from the central coast of NSW to Bowen Queensland. Heart wood colour pinkish grey to reddish brown.


source: Wood In Australia by Keith R Bootle


We source our recycled timbers from the following suppliers:

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